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Rain Parameter not showing up.

Aakash Takale Jan 14, 2017 03:50AM GMT


Rain parameter is not showing up [it says undefined in my app].
So far I have created the application like this by making API calls like below:-

weather.loc =;
weather.humidity = data.main.humidity;
weather.temp = data.main.temp;
weather.wind = data.wind.speed;
weather.rain = data.? ;

What should I use in place of '?'


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Pavel Zuykov Jan 16, 2017 11:29AM GMT OpenWeatherMap Agent


If you do not see some of the parameters in your API respond it means that these weather phenomena are just not happened for the time of measurement for the city or location chosen. Only really measured or calculated data is displayed in API respond.
The precipitation(rain,snow) is estimated in mm.

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Ryan Hunt Feb 06, 2017 11:16AM GMT
I too am seeing this problem. I've checked many cities which were reporting rainfall (such as Dublin, Ireland) and there is no rainfall information returned.

I tried a bunch of places which were either a) raining or b) known to be typically rainy and none show any rainfall at all.

Am I doing something wrong? I'm calling:,ie&appid=MYKEY

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Ryan Hunt Feb 06, 2017 11:22AM GMT
Update, I found *one* city that reported rainfall:,CO&appid=MYKEY

Buenaventura, Colombia - listed as the world's wettest city:

It's still odd though that so few locations report rainfall data, it doesn't seem right.
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Pavel Zuykov Feb 06, 2017 11:25AM GMT OpenWeatherMap Agent


If you do not see some of the parameters in your API respond it means that these weather phenomena are just not happened for the time of measurement for the city or location chosen. Only really measured or calculated data is displayed in API respond

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Ryan Hunt Feb 06, 2017 01:07PM GMT
Thanks @Maxim Gushcho

I understand thats how the API is supposed to function, but it's really strange that many locations report the weather as 'rain' or 'light rain' and yet the rainfall reported is 0.

It seems to me that the weather stations in question are simply no good, or that OWM is slow to refresh/update?
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Pavel Zuykov Feb 06, 2017 02:53PM GMT OpenWeatherMap Agent


The free users have about 2 hours update. (
If you would like to have it frequently, please upgrade your plan.

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Ron Nims Mar 14, 2017 08:35AM GMT
Empirical evidence tells me that the rain.3h property "Rain volume for last 3 hours, mm" is not functioning properly. I am in Seattle, WA where it has been raining constantly for the week I have worked on this project using the openweathermap API. During this time I have examined the raw Json data from dozens of requests for my default city, Seattle.

I have NEVER seen the rain.3h value in any of those Json data sets.

Granted, I am a free user, but if this is a feature only available to paid users that should be stated in the pricing plan.

Other than this issue, everything has worked great and the response times have been swift. Overall I like your product and want to figure out the map layers integration next.

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Pavel Zuykov Mar 14, 2017 01:54PM GMT OpenWeatherMap Agent

Hello Nims,

The precipitation values are correct.
We will check the avialability of this data.

There are two ways of reaching weather layers.
It can be done via Map Editor where the layers that you need can be customized or using tile server directly.
Map Editor docs:
You can also find styles here:
The are accesses to tile servers:{layer}/x/y/z.png- for everyone{layer name}/{x}/{y}/{z}.png?appid={your api key} – for paid users(provided only by request)
Weather layers: precipitation, pressure, wind, temp.
Thanks for

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Ron Nims Mar 14, 2017 05:31PM GMT
Following up on this issue, I think the same malfunction is occurring with the snow.3h property. New York and Boston are having a blizzard, the weather descriptions list Snow and Heavy Snow. However neither of the Json data sets returned for these cities contained a snow.3h property.

The entire precipitation accumulation functionality seems to be broken.
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Pavel Zuykov Mar 15, 2017 03:54PM GMT OpenWeatherMap Agent


What is the time of estimation of this condition?

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Ron Nims Mar 17, 2017 04:59AM GMT
Time estimate for that observation regarding New York and Boston was approximately 5:20 UTC Mar 14, 2017
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Pavel Zuykov Mar 22, 2017 11:29AM GMT OpenWeatherMap Agent

Hello Ron,

Basing on our history logs there is no precipitation indicated for this regions.
There is a possibility that indicators did not measure it because of consistency of these weather conditions.

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M Wittig Aug 24, 2017 12:03PM BST
For several locations in Germany I can confirm rain data is not transmitted since months. I even had the for Berlin where the weather status shows "rain" while no "rain" data is included in the data set.

If you wish an excerpt from the history log for my location I am happy to compile that. 1 week is probably enough as it raining about every 2-3 days.
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M Wittig Aug 24, 2017 12:05PM BST
"coord": {
"lon": 13.41,
"lat": 52.52
"weather": [{
"id": 521,
"main": "Rain",
"description": "shower rain",
"icon": "09d"
"base": "stations",
"main": {
"temp": 20,
"pressure": 1013,
"humidity": 60,
"temp_min": 20,
"temp_max": 20
"visibility": 10000,
"wind": {
"speed": 3.1,
"deg": 140
"clouds": {
"all": 90
"dt": 1503570000,
"sys": {
"type": 1,
"id": 4892,
"message": 0.0042,
"country": "DE",
"sunrise": 1503547484,
"sunset": 1503598274
"id": 2950159,
"name": "Berlin",
"cod": 200
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Pavel Zuykov Aug 29, 2017 03:08PM BST OpenWeatherMap Agent

Hello M Wittig,

Could you please contact us via this form:

Please specify the locations and data of the measurement.


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Andrew Dec 09, 2017 09:25AM GMT
I also saw zero reported rain{3h} and snow{3h} at my location (saint-sulpice, CH) despite steady rain/snow over several days (see below snapshot from today). I tried a few nearby stations with same results.

To test my small home programme I use "Buenaventura, CO" which consistantly reports rainfall.

I understand it's an estimate but based on what parameters? For my region it appears not to be correct.


result = {Weather} < - reference time=2017-12-09 08:20:00+00, status=Snow>
_clouds = {int} 75
_detailed_status = {str} 'light snow'
_dewpoint = {NoneType} None
_heat_index = {NoneType} None
_humidex = {NoneType} None
_humidity = {int} 100
_pressure = {dict} {'sea_level': None, 'press': 1020}
_rain = {dict} {}
_reference_time = {int} 1512807600
_snow = {dict} {}
_status = {str} 'Snow'
_sunrise_time = {int} 1512803164
_sunset_time = {int} 1512834388
_temperature = {dict} {'temp': 270.55, 'temp_min': 267.15, 'temp_max': 272.15, 'temp_kf': None}
_visibility_distance = {int} 10000
_weather_code = {int} 600
_weather_icon_name = {str} '13d'
_wind = {dict} {'speed': 1}
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Joseph Apr 11, 2018 08:09AM BST
Good day all.

As of April 2018 the "rain" parameter in the current weather API continues to fail to show even when it is clearly raining.

It rained in city 'id': 6356322 at wed apr 11 09:05:20 CEST 2018 but the "rain" key does not show, even when the weather description in the API is "thunderstorm with rain" or "light rain".

You can see the response from the API below.

This is a known problem and I see it was identified on January 2017 but it hasn't been resolved yet. I'm worried there is no one working on this, thus forcing everyone else to change weather suppliers (thus, having to change the code).

{'base': 'stations',
'clouds': {'all': 75},
'cod': 200,
'coord': {'lat': 41.35, 'lon': 1.71},
'dt': 1523428200,
'id': 6356322,
'main': {'humidity': 87,
'pressure': 993,
'temp': 10.01,
'temp_max': 11,
'temp_min': 9},
'name': 'Vilafranca del Pened├Ęs',
'sys': {'country': 'ES',
'id': 5470,
'message': 0.0029,
'sunrise': 1523423986,
'sunset': 1523471352,
'type': 1},
'visibility': 7000,
'weather': [{'description': 'light rain',
'icon': '10d',
'id': 500,
'main': 'Rain'},
{'description': 'thunderstorm with rain',
'icon': '11d',
'id': 201,
'main': 'Thunderstorm'}],
'wind': {'deg': 110, 'speed': 5.7}}
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Pavel Zuykov Apr 11, 2018 08:14AM BST OpenWeatherMap Agent

Hello Andrew,

Thanks very much for your reporting.

The fact that some METAR stations do not have precipitation indicators or do not measure prep conditions due to some other technical reasons.

There is a case when precipitation data is not provided by the weather stations (simply not measured).
However, the main weather condition is populated.

This is the long-term process of expanding the number of weather stations with precipitation indicators and the weather model data behavior.

We absolutely have this on our roadmap.

However, it is not possible to specify the exact dates of improvement.

When we get closer to the solution of this problem, we will let you know.

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Christian Apr 24, 2018 08:31AM BST
Hello Maxim,

is there a list for weather stations which measure the precipitation data correctly and frequently? I am specificly looking for stations in Germany.

The current data recived for Adwords bidding is just not good enough.

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Pavel Zuykov Apr 24, 2018 01:29PM BST OpenWeatherMap Agent

Hello Christian,

Thanks for the request. There is no any specific weather stations that focus on measuring precipitation data only.

We mainly use Metar stations all over the world.

Here is list of weather stations for Germany:

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Till Jun 06, 2018 03:01PM BST
Hello Maxim,

I'm facing currently the same problem. My application fetches the current weather data hourly and saves it into a database. For Frankfurt/Main (city id 2925533) I can access the values of the last 15 month (around 10,000 values) and I only found 6 times a value in "rain" -> "3h".
Right now I only access the current weather data. Is the correct data available in the historical data set? Is there any news regarding a bugfix for this?



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Tim Jun 13, 2018 02:02AM BST
I don't know why @Maxim is fighting this so hard, it's broken dude. It's not like I get rain:{3h:0} or rain:{3h:null}, I'm getting rain:null. No object, just null. Regardless of location. Reading all your denials is confusing, why? Fingers in ears, la-la-la you can't hear us... so it's all good? No @Maxim, it's not all good.
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Pavel Zuykov Jun 15, 2018 11:45AM BST OpenWeatherMap Agent

Hello Tim,

We understand that precipitation data is not always in the response.

However, as I noted earlier this is current behaviour of the system and can not be changed right away.

Please be patient. We always work with the quality of our service in order to provide best experience to our customers.

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Temidayo Jun 15, 2018 06:44PM BST
Thanks maxim for your response, it's quite relieving because all I get is a long 13digit value... had me wondering. Please do something about it quickly as I'm already attached to openweathermaps API. Thanks in advance
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Christian Aug 22, 2018 10:43AM BST
I dont know for what exaclty you are using the rain-parameter for, but if you want to use it for Google Adwords, there is a work-around:!topic/adwords-scripts/Iu-xYmFeIrY

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Jan Dec 09, 2018 10:11AM GMT
No METAR shows Rain or Snow amount.
If there is Snowtam reported, it only shows the acummulation and other facts about runway state.

So, my question here is, why do you have a field like rain, when there is no data in it EVER if you take your observation from METAR reports.
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Matthew Rosenberg Mar 26, 2019 03:22PM GMT
Curious if this rain data was ever fixed as I a shopping around for API's and noticed all the dummy data had a blank rain data.
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Bruno Apr 26, 2019 05:12PM BST
It is unfortunate that, after two years, both rain.1h and rain.3h keep coming empty... Really unfortunate...
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Massimo May 21, 2019 05:56PM BST
I collected data for more than one year and I've noticed that the rain.3h has some values when is 500 (light rain) and 501 (moderate rain), but it's always returning no value when the is something else. I was expecting to see some values also when is 502 (Heavy intensity rain) or 202 (Thunderstorm with heavy rain) and so on....
I don't think I am doing something wrong but maybe there is a technical problem.

I'm a free user collecting data for Stalling NC.
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Stephen Aug 12, 2019 08:35PM BST
Can someone please post the code for creating a struct using the rain parameter? The Swift complier says 1h is not valid to use as a double...but if I don't use that exact parameter, then I get zero data back for everything.
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Enric Aug 30, 2019 09:19PM BST
Rain gives me compiling error... Does anyone suggest another service?

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