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Getting weather data for any geo location, city name or ID

Last Updated: Jan 31, 2017 01:07PM GMT
OpenWeatherMap provides current conditions and forecast weather data for any geographical location. It also provide data for lots of cities if you know their name, ID or zip code. So weather data can be called by following ways:

1. By geo coordinates (lat/lon)
- Calling by lat/lon it is possible to get weather data for any geo location. 

2. By city name or city ID
- Weather is available for 209,000 cities. 
- List of cities with name and ID is in a bulk example:
Choose file daily_16.json.gz that is daily forecast for 209,000 cities. 

3. By zip code
-Designation of zip code using parameters "zip" or "q".
The 'q" parameter is also can be used for zip code:,US&APPID=*******

More examples:
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a minute ago
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hours ago
a day ago
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